Bobbi Gibb to be Official Starter

Women’s running pioneer and legend to start October’s race. In the 1960s, there was a belief—by some—that women where not physiologically able to run long distances. Roberta Gibb disagreed. She [...]

Meet the 2019 Elite Athlete Field!

Some of the world’s fastest ladies are heading to Boston Common. The field is headlined by four-time champion Molly Huddle, fresh off her ninth-place finish at the IAAF Championships in Doha, [...]

A burst of speed – 2018 race highlights

It’s nearly impossible to put all that electric race day energy into words, but we thought it was time we captured at least a bit of that magic in a video. To the women running and the women we [...]

Say hello to our 2018 Elites!

Someone once said, behind every successful woman is a tribe of successful women—and looking at our elite field that saying certainly rings true! There’s no doubt that all of these women are [...]

Linda Epstein, a force of nature

Like a lot of us, Emily Margolis started running because she was watched someone she admired go running. In Margolis’ case, her aunt Linda Epstein ran A LOT. “From the time I was born – she was [...]