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Race Ambassadors

We’re thrilled to bring back our Race Ambassador program for 2024 and welcome strong, fun, creative, and fast women to our event.

Katonya Burke

I have been running since the day I learned to walk, and began long-distance running at age 40. I’m one of Boston’s co-ambassadors for Black Girls RUN! (BGR!). BGR! meets women where they are and supports prioritizing healthy ways of achieving where they want to be. I was thrilled to be the first selected for the 2020 Boston Marathon Honorary Team, which was my first Marathon. I’m always ready to help support veteran runners and those new to their running journey. To date, I’ve completed five (Chicago, New York, Berlin, London, Boston) in-person marathons of the six majors, which is my long-term goal. I was honored to receive the 2022 Myra Kraft MVP award, which recognizes volunteers for going above and beyond to give back to their communities. Alongside my passion for running, I can be found behind the wheel of my “BIG RIG.” Yes, I drive a 53′ tractor and trailer with FedEx for over 50 hours a week.

Tiffany Chenault

I’m a sociology professor and publicly involved scholar specializing in the intersections of race, gender, and community. I’m passionate about social change and social justice, and I serve as one of the co-ambassadors for Black Girls RUN! Boston chapter which focuses on encouraging black women to make fitness and healthy living a priority. I wasn’t a runner (and knew nothing about running or race culture) until my first race in 2013, which I discovered as a way to cope with the grief from the loss of my mother. This started my journey of health and questioning the lack of diversity in this space. I have written articles, blogged, and given a TED Talk, Through the Lens of a Black Woman Runner, about running. I have also completed my journey of running a half marathon in every state this past June.

Hannah Conley

Hello! I am Hannah Mecaskey Conley, long-time distance runner of almost 20 years at this point—and my favorite distance is a 20 miler! I’ve run six marathons, countless half marathons, and I am regular runner of the Martha’s Vineyard 20 miler (a February run, I love cold weather running). I am a strong proponent on public health as a social worker in the field, trying to practice what I preach by running through both my pregnancies. I run to keep my sanity, my focus on life goals, and have the energy to keep supporting change in the world. As a proud momma of two budding toddler runners, I am thrilled to join and represent women from all walks of life in this incredible run dedicated to the strength of female potential.

Adina Crawford

I am certified Yoga Teacher who specializes in teaching Meditation and Mindfulness. I am a mentor, motivator, advocate, and community influencer. My calling to teach yoga has been about diversity and community, understanding that each person is unique and at a different level and growth. I have collaborated and taught at various companies such as Lululemon, Athleta, Oiselle, and many other local and community events. Currently, I am an Ambassador for Trek Bicycles, Black Girls RUN!, Terry Bikes, Honeystinger and Nuun, Emcee for Girls on the Run DC and REI Co-op Partner. I also serve on the Board of Directors for Black Girls RUN! Foundation. In 2016 I completed my first Marathon in Chicago and the Boston virtual Marathon in Boston in October 2021, since then I have completed numerous half-marathons, triathlons, and cycling events. My goal is to bring more diversity and awareness to the mat and spread the love of all the benefits of yoga coupled with other activities is beneficial.

Antonia Finley

I’m a lifelong Boston resident and strongly believe that there is an inner athlete in all of us that often gets placed on the shelf due to life responsibilities. Eight years ago, I reclaimed my inner athlete when I became active in the Boston chapter of Black Girls RUN! I often refer to myself as the “Reluctant Runner” but the support of the group has kept me on the pavement. Running has helped me reclaim and see myself as an athlete, which has led me on a whirlwind of adventures. Who would have ever thought that reluctantly running a 5K eight years ago would have led to countless races and the experience of completing the Boston Marathon last year? I am excited about being a first time ambassador to my favorite race, the Boston 10K for Women! I feel that this race brings women from all backgrounds together with a common goal of not only completing the race but also being seen as the athletes we are!

Cara Gilman

I’m a yoga teacher, run coach, and mom. I’ve been teaching yoga for more than 10 years, having the honor of leading classes at the Boston 10K for Women, Boston Marathon Expo, Runners World, and at the top yoga studios in Boston. I am the founder of RUNYOGA, a running program and community that brings the practices of running and yoga together. As mother of two children, motherhood continues to teach me that running and yoga are how she authentically connects to my best self.

Lizzy Hewitt

Never having run more than a mile in my entire life, I first began running in January 2020. I moved to Massachusetts later that year and started a Rum Club—wait, no, RUN Club—with friends. In the summer of 2021, I found the REI Run Club and ran the Boston 10K for Women in October—my first race! I teach music at a Cambridge Public School and love to build community around music and wellness. I am proud to represent runners who started later in life, and am excited to welcome runners of all ages and abilities!

Sarah Hill

Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m 32 years old and I live in Somerville with my partner and two dogs. I found running in late 2020 and the 2021 Boston 10K for Women was my first race ever. Since joining this awesome team of ambassadors last year, I have found an amazing community of people who have become close friends and found an even deeper passion for running. I completed my first half marathon in November of 2022 and will be running my first marathon in November of this year—NYC 2023 here I come! I currently work full-time as an Audiologist for a hearing aid manufacturer and in my spare time I love to get outside—running, hiking, SUPing, walking the dogs, etc. Right now, I am marathon training, working at my local gym (shout out Soul.Train. in Teele Square!), and working towards becoming a certified personal trainer this year! I absolutely love meeting and running with new people! So come on out and join us for an inclusive, party pace, walk when you want to, have all the fun, run club! See you out there!

Shaita Picard Cako

Whether it was playing tag with my sisters wherever we could find the space, crushing kickball during recess, or losing to my dad on a cement track, running has always been a staple in my life. I was a sprinter and jumper at Boston Latin School, but I didn’t find distance running until undergrad. For me, running has always been an outlet for releasing energy, appreciating nature, healthy competition, or even catching the bus. For several years, I have been running with the TrailBlazHers Run Co, a women’s run crew that embraces community and movement. I’ve raced everything from a mile to a half marathon, and dream of running the PIONEERS Run Crew’s 26.True, the only marathon truly in Boston. When I’m not running, I’m adventuring with my mini Bernedoodle, Bailey, and my husband, Elvin; eating tacos; or geeking out over data as a data science manager at Genospace, LLC.

Alia Qatarneh

I am a first-generation, East Boston-raised, Arab-Italian-American. I am an educator, rhymer, runner, learner, leader, and scientist. My mission is to disrupt from within; whether that’s disrupting the dominant cultures of running or of science and education. I joined the leadership team of TrailblazHERs Run Co. in June of 2022. As a LeadHER, I support the scale and impact of the TrailblazHERs’ mission. Foundational to this is my passion and knack for building community. I have made an impact on many by offering guidance, support, positive energy, and encouraging excellence not only for the run crew but for the work in which members of TrailblazHERs are engaged in as agents for social change. As a two-time ambassador, I bring this energy to the Boston 10K for Women. I completed the 2023 Boston Marathon as my first marathon earlier this year.

Erika Ruiz

Hello, fellow runners! Amidst the COVID pandemic, I stumbled upon the empowering world of running. For me, it’s not about speed or breaking records; it’s about feeling strong and relishing every single moment on the run. Running has become my sanctuary, a source of solace, joy, and personal triumph. Starting running in my late 30s came with its share of insecurities. I felt like an outsider in a sport where most athletes started young or had different body types. However, I’ve grown confident in my abilities and embrace my rightful place within the running community. I run alongside the amazing TrailblazHers Run Co., which I discovered during my first 10K at the 2022 Boston 10K for Women. Their inclusive and vibrant energy resonated deeply, compelling me to become part of their extraordinary community.

Lindsey Thorne-Bingham

I’m passionate about building, and being in, strong communities personally and professionally. In running, I have found an incredible community. I am a LeadHer with TrailblazHers Run Co. and am privileged to support, encourage, uplift, and guide women on their running and wellness journeys. My running is motivated by the power of the “get to”—we “get” to do this, we do not have to. Running has given me endless fun, amazing friends, great opportunity, improved health and wellness, and wild adventure. The Boston 10K for Women is one of my favorite annual races and I am thrilled to be an ambassador. I have run five marathons and have a goal to be a six star finisher.

Crystalrose Wilson

Hey y’all hey! I’m Crystalrose, and I am a back of the pack runner! I run with TrailblazHers Run Co. as well as PIONEERS and Black Girls RUN! Crew. I thrive in a diverse environment and really appreciate the welcoming and supportive community. I am also a rnnr ambassador for 2023. I love a good dad cap, fanny pack, and a bright lip when getting in those miles. Born and raised in Lawrence, MA, I have spent the last 10 years as a Mental Health Worker. I enjoy traveling the world, reading, and outdoor activities! Back in high school I was a sprinter on an all male team/ league for the better part of years. My relentless spirit caused Coach Brooks to name me co-captain, nicknaming me QUEEN! I served in the U.S. Army Reserves for six years in the Medical Logistics field. Now I do a bunch of 5Ks!