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Race Ambassadors

Our race ambassadors are a group of fun, strong, creative, and powerful women that you should know.

If you’re interested in becoming a 2020 Race Ambassador, please email

Our 2019 Race Ambassadors

Amanda Watters: Race Ambassador

I fell in love with running at an early age from watching the Boston Marathon. Influenced by the Marathon, I joined a running team at the first opportunity I had—my high school cross country
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Ashley Jensen: Race Ambassador

Hi! My name is Ashley Jensen and what can I say, I love running! It started as a child running after my family pony, continued in to Hershey Track in elementary school, high school cross
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Cara Gilman: Race Ambassador

I would not be where I am today without my running practice; it has given me confidence, strength, and courage to tackle my passions. First, leaving my corporate job to start my own business as
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Carol Chaoui: Race Ambassador

I am a mother of four from Wellesley, MA and I started running at the age of 13. I was diagnosed with Stage III invasive breast cancer in 2009 and ran the race that year
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Carrie Wu: Race Ambassador

I’m a Boston-based fashion and lifestyle content creator and the mastermind behind the blog I consider myself a #FitnessFanatic and work out practically every day of the week. My favorite workouts include running
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Cassie Shortsleeve: Race Ambassador

I’m a freelance health writer based in Boston. I write for many of the major health magazines such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Shape, Women’s Running, Furthermore for Equinox, Mens Journal, Conde Nast Traveler, and
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Dani Bialas: Race Ambassador

Running consistently since 2009, I did my first marathon at the age of 49 (this fall my 7th) and have completed over 30 half marathons. Trying to grow stronger with every run, if not physically
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Dewey, our Finish Line Dog

New for this year is the addition of some four-legged charm at our finish line. Say hello to Dewey, a nine-year-old, one-eyed wonder dog, who—through the loving ownership of his mom Lisa Tulipani—has gone from
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Janice Johnson-Plumer: Race Ambassador

Running has always been a challenge for me, but when I hit the pavement, all the fear and anxiety is gone. I went from a novice runner who didn’t train for my first 5K to
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Jenn Lutz: Race Ambassador

Running has taken many different forms in my life over the years, but one thing is constant: my love for this sport. In high school and college, my passion for running was about pure competition
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Katie Bennett: Race Ambassador

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t running. Boston is a special place in my running life, as I ran at BC, and now I run from the summer heat down in Atlanta. You better believe
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Kristen Liberty: Race Ambassador

I'm Kristen from Thompson, CT and everyone refers to me as “Peanut.” I spend a good amount of time running both competitively and socially as both of those reasons keep me balanced. My favorite
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Sarah Grill: Race Ambassador

My name is Sarah Grill and lacing up my shoes and running is my ultimate celebration of health and wellness. The city of Boston opened my eyes to the rich community of runners who soon
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Tiffany Spearman: Race Ambassador

I fell in love with this crazy sport at 13 and had no clue as to what it took to be a distance runner. I quickly found out how gritty one has to be within themselves
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Trenni Kusnierek: Race Ambassador

I’m a slightly clumsy, uncoordinated sports reporter by trade who loves to run. Running makes me feel like an athlete; despite the fact I’m missing key hand-eye coordination. My favorite distance to race is
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