The Course

Course Drive Through

First time running the Reebok Boston 10K for Women? Wonder where the route will take you? Well wonder no more!

Here’s a quick drive through the course.

We promise there will be no stop-and-go traffic on race day. Good luck!


This is where you will line up by your anticipated pace time. On event day there will be large signs on the side of the road with pace per mile indicators. You will want to know how fast you run a mile to line yourself up accordingly.


The Start Line! While you will line up on Charles Street, the actual start is on Beacon Street. The pack of excited runners will walk as a group around the corner to the start. For first-time runners it is important to know that there is a microchip in your bib number. This chip will start your time when you cross the start mats so there is no reason to worry about how long it will take you to get across the start line.


AND YOU’RE OFF! You will run on a straight away down Beacon Street. It is important for all runners to be aware of their surroundings. Like all starts it can be crowded and we want to ensure everyone stays safe. If you are wearing headphones, take them off for the start.


This is your FIRST Right-hand turn onto the Mass Ave Bridge. We’ve heard from many of our runners that this is one of the coolest parts of the race! This is a chance to look out over the water AND see the Elite Athletes already returning. Your 1st water station will be on your RIGHT.


This is your second right-hand turn onto Memorial Drive. You’re now in Cambridge!


The pack takes a left-hand turn to run in the opposite direction on Memorial Drive.


The 2nd water station will be on BOTH sides of the street.


Going under Mass Ave. runners are encouraged to hoot and holler here to hear the echo. Always fun!


The third water station will be in front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel on the RIGHT side of the street. Make sure you thank the volunteers!


Attention! You’ll be taking a hairpin left turn at the Boston University Boat House. Unfortunately we cannot make this turn in our car without being pulled over for reckless driving. 😉


This is where we pick the course back up and this is also the home of the 4th water station. Volunteers will say which one they are holding so you are not surprised.


A right-hand turn will put you back onto the Mass Ave bridge heading back into Boston AND toward the finish line!


This left-hand turn puts you on beautiful Commonwealth Avenue.


You’ll be greeted here by the 5th and final water station. This water station is historically manned by the “Most Informal Running Club Ever” or better know as “The Guys In Tuxes.”


Your LAST right-hand turn. You can hear the crowd’s cheers starting to grow.


Left-hand turn on to Boylston Street, you can SEE the Boston Common.


Your very last left-hand turn on to Charles Street. You can see the finish and you have DONE it! Go ahead and hug the stranger next to you and give everyone a high five. YOU DID IT!