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48 Years Strong!

In 1977, women’s running continued to see growth in races across the country, but this event, the Bonne Bell Mini Marathon, became just the second all‑women’s race in the country.

On Monday, October 10, 1977, more than 2,000 women arrived on Memorial Drive in Cambridge to run in the first edition of this race, and history was made.

Now in our 48th year, we are thrilled to welcome back ten women who were there in 1977, and have run every race since then, through heat, rain, wind, and cold. As we gear up for the big day, we’ll share their stories here.

Run the race more than 40 times?

We also want to recognize many of our women who have run more than 40 editions of this race. If you or someone you know have run this race over 40 times and want to share your story, please contact us at

Meet Our 48-Year Runners

Francine Vidockler

I decided to run the first Bonne Belle Mini Marathon, as it was known then, because I had just started running and I dearly appreciated the idea that it was for women. Women have long
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Janet Spriggs

Boston 10K for Women was the first race for women only in New England. The year it began, a group of women from my running club decided to run in it. The main reason we
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Joanne McCabe Morris

In 1977 I saw my brother out running and said to myself ‘I can do that’ and just started running. I just ran to get out and be active. I then heard about the Bonne
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Kathy Sastavickas

I was a heavy smoker until the spring of 1977. I decided to quit smoking and thought that running might help me minimize any weight gain. I would run at night when it was dark
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Lyn Licciardello

In November of 1976, I had my second child. My husband, Tom, had started distance running during my pregnancy, and ran the Maryland Marathon in December, qualifying for the Boston Marathon. He loved it and
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Mary Tyler

I was never a fast runner, but by 1977 I had run in several races, sometimes as the only woman, or with only one or two others. Women had finally been allowed to run the
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Nancy Breen

I had a bunch of kids by the time I was 25; I was continually running around with them, and the housework that went along with it. With all of that, I didn’t feel so
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Paula Metivier

In 1977 I ran my first race ever and it was the Bonne Bell Mini Marathon. A friend of mine asked me to run it with her and, with hardly any training, we both finished.
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Shirley Jacobson

I have always been an individual participant in the 43 year Bonne Belle, Tufts, and now Boston 10K for Women. I had just begun running with a few friends in my hometown of Wayland after
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