Janet Spriggs

Boston 10K for Women was the first race for women only in New England. The year it began, a group of women from my running club decided to run in it. The main reason we did it was because it was just for women. But, it was also fun to see guys and kids cheering from the sidelines.

Some of my fondest memories of participating in this race have been seeing some of all ages running and feeling good about their accomplishment.

Running has made me more confident and has always been a way to control my weight and get stronger. Running also slows down the outside world; you are able to work through problems as you run the miles. All you need is a pair of shoes and shorts.

Once I realized that I had done the race for 15 years, I just kept coming back. Before I knew it, 20+ years had passed.

I am looking forward to seeing the other women who have done this race for 40+ years and getting to the finish line at this year’s race.

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