Jeannine Pelkey’s Empowerment Through Running

Jeannine Pelkey’s running journey started 12 years ago when she joined a local “Couch to 5K” group. Little did she know that this decision would set her on a path of empowerment through running.

In 2017, Jeannine faced her biggest challenge yet: a battle against breast cancer. Amidst the grueling chemotherapy sessions and radiation treatments, she made a commitment to herself and to others. Jeannine embarked on an incredible journey, running a 5K every week during her chemotherapy, completing a 10K during radiation, and just two months later, conquering an obstacle race. Her motivation was clear: to show others that they can overcome adversity, too. She wanted to demonstrate that movement is a powerful ally in the fight for health and well-being.

Jeannine’s message is simple but profound: you can do it, you can get through it, and moving helps. She emphasizes that it’s not about being a great runner; it’s about showing up and finishing what you start. Her dedication and resilience have inspired others to join her on this journey. She even founded a weekly running/walking group humorously named “I Hate Running” to motivate and support her fellow runners.

This year, Jeannine faced another challenge when minor skin cancers disrupted her training for the longest race she had ever attempted. Despite this setback, she remains resolute and determined to continue her journey. She plans to overcome this obstacle, just as she has overcome many others before.

The Boston 10K for Women holds a special place in Jeannine’s heart. As she stated the timing aligns perfectly with her training schedule, and this year marks her second participation. She expresses gratitude every day for the opportunity to continue her training journey with a smile on her face.

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