Nancy Breen: 43-Year Runner

I had a bunch of kids by the time I was 25 I was continually running around with them, and the housework that went along with it. With all of that, I didn’t feel so hot. I figured I had to do [...]

Ashley Jensen: Race Ambassador

Hi! My name is Ashley Jensen and what can I say, I love running! It started as a child running after my family pony, continued in to Hershey Track in elementary school, high school cross country [...]

Tiffany Spearman: Race Ambassador

I fell in love with this crazy sport at 13 and had no clue as to what it took to be a distance runner. I quickly found out how gritty one has to be within themselves in order to be successful in [...]

Paula Metivier: 43-Year Runner

In 1977 I ran my first race ever and it was the Bonne Bell Mini Marathon. A friend of mine asked me to run it with her and, with hardly any training, we both finished. I remember having to run up [...]

Trenni Kusnierek: Race Ambassador

I’m a slightly clumsy, uncoordinated sports reporter by trade who loves to run. Running makes me feel like an athlete; despite the fact I’m missing key hand-eye coordination. What is your [...]

Katie Bennett: Race Ambassador

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t running. Boston is a special place in my running life, as I ran at BC, and now I run from the summer heat down in Atlanta. You better believe I will never [...]

Cara Gilman: Race Ambassador

I would not be where I am today without my running practice; it has given me confidence, strength, and courage to tackle my passions. First, leaving my corporate job to start my own business as a [...]

Mary Tyler: 43-Year Runner

I was never a fast runner, but by 1977 I had run in several races, sometimes as the only woman, or with only one or two others. Women had finally been allowed to run the Boston Marathon, but many [...]

A burst of speed – 2018 race highlights

It’s nearly impossible to put all that electric race day energy into words, but we thought it was time we captured at least a bit of that magic in a video. To the women running and the women we [...]

Say hello to our 2018 Elites!

Someone once said, behind every successful woman is a tribe of successful women—and looking at our elite field that saying certainly rings true! There’s no doubt that all of these women are [...]

Linda Epstein, a force of nature

Like a lot of us, Emily Margolis started running because she was watched someone she admired go running. In Margolis’ case, her aunt Linda Epstein ran A LOT. “From the time I was born – she was [...]

Four tips for peak milage season

Well ladies, it’s September, and the Reebok Boston 10K for Women is now less than two weeks. We are now in peak-mileage-mode as you gear up for the 6.2-mile race on October 8, and we know that of [...]

Getting the right fit

Running is one of the most accessible sports on the planet. If you can walk, you can run. With the right clothing, and the right footwear, you can be off to the races. Running gear and footwear [...]

Finding your pace

As you gear up for the Reebok Boston 10K for Women, you might already have a goal in mind—whether it’s a particular time, a new personal record (PR), or running your longest race yet. You might [...]