The Reebok Boston 10K for Women is more than just a road race. It’s a day of power, camaraderie, and triumph amongst friends, daughters, mothers, sisters, colleagues, and even strangers.

Whether you’re training for the first time, running for the 42nd, or coming to cheer on a strong woman in your life, we support your mission to live an active, healthy lifestyle. We’ve gathered content to educate, inspire, and entertain as you prepare to take on 6.2!

Getting the right fit

Running is one of the most accessible sports on the planet. If you can walk, you can run. With the right clothing, and the right footwear, you can be off to the races. Running gear and footwear [...]

Finding your pace

As you gear up for the 2018 Reebok Boston 10K for Women, you might already have a goal in mind – whether it’s a particular time, a new personal record (PR), or running your longest race yet. You [...]