Welcoming LÄRABAR and EPIC Provisions to the family of race sponsors

Big news!

We are thrilled to announce our new partnerships with LÄRABAR and EPIC Provisions! We are so pumped to have them with us, as both are brands that have a deep interest in women’s wellness and fitness. You’ll hear from them and us as we get closer to race day, so keep your eyes open and taste buds ready.

On race day, both brands will be with us at Boston Common sampling products for our runners, volunteers, and fans.

Both brands will also be present at our next two training runs at Reebok, where you can learn more about their range of products and how to best incorporate them into your training.

LÄRABAR believes in simplicity. They include only what’s really good and absolutely necessary—just 2–9 real ingredients in every bar—because anything else just gets in the way. With a simple blend of fruits, nuts, and spices—and sometimes chocolate chips (!)—they are always gluten free and non-GMO. For runners, LÄRABARs are a perfect choice pre- or post-run because they are a real food snack that provides steady energy so you can fully be in the moment every mile or cool down. With more than 20+ delicious flavors to choose from, there’s a bar for every runner!

EPIC Provisions is looking to evolve the concept of a “healthy snack” by taking nutrition bars and other go-to snacks to a new level with their savory meat bars, pork skins, bone broth and much more. EPIC believes in living through our evolutionary biology with high quality animal-based products, which also include fruits, nuts, seeds and spices. While creating their products, EPIC puts an emphasis on improving agriculture by partnering with suppliers that prioritize healing the lands around us. Through the unique flavors of each animal, EPIC products are flavor-forward, delicious meat, protein filled snacks that are great for everyone!

For individuals looking to be at their best, EPIC Provision products are a must. Through their high-protein, low carb and delicious flavors like Chicken Sriracha bars, these products provide you the nutrients and energy to make this run your best one yet.

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