Runner Stories

Barbara Costello

I started running with my father when I was a teenager as a way to do something with him and to stay get in shape for high school sports. This year (2017) will be my 30th running of the race, and I have run it with my college roommate just about every year.

For several of these races I have run, the race was an important motivator for me in recovering from an injury or surgery. One year I had ACL reconstruction surgery in January, and achieved my goal of running the 10K that year; and another year I had a significant back injury with neurological damage (requiring extensive therapy to recover), and was able to run the race that year as well. Whether recovering from some injury or just working to maintain a certain level of fitness, running this race every year with my dear, longtime friend provides much motivation and gives me a great sense of accomplishment, even if my times have crept up over the years.

Running this race every year is an annual goal of mine that helps me maintain a certain level of fitness throughout the year and motivates me to keep running. As many times as I’ve run this race, the feeling at the starting line—of being together in such a large group of women with a common goal, with music playing and spectators cheering us on—never gets old!