Runner Stories

Suzanne Boisseau

It was December 2006, I was recovering from depression which had begun three years prior after losing a dear friend quickly from a horrific disease. My New Year’s resolution for the coming year was to get healthy now that I was happy again. I had been exercising during my depression but seemingly just going through the motions. I needed something different, something new. My boot camp teacher at the time suggested I try running instead of walking during the cardio part of boot camp. I resisted but with her persistence I did eventually try running a lap on the track and what do you know, I could actually run! So began my journey of running. I set a goal of running a 10K by the Fall of 2007. My sister had run this race a few years back and I admired all the women and loved the atmosphere of having thousands of women all there for one goal. Their energy was so uplifting and inspiring. It seemed the perfect race for my goal. My sister and I ran that race, in the rain, together, this being her second and my first. We were no Joan Benoit but we definitely felt like we had each won our own race.

I keep coming back to this race because it’s like home to me, where it all began, my first running goal accomplished. It’s the one race I know I will register for without hesitation. Last year I turned 50, a new running goal was set, to run a half marathon. This race was four days before that half. It was extremely hot last race day. The run was going great till mile 4 when I just hit a wall, a concrete wall. Miles 5 & 6 were challenging and included lots of walking. Self-doubt set in about how in the world would I be running a half in 4 days?!! Only in New England would you run in 90° on a Monday then four days later be running in 30° weather!! The weather was a blessing and definitely a factor in me feeling great while running my first half, on a very hilly & challenging course in 2:25!!

I thought running one half would be enough for me but I was convinced by a dear friend to sign up for another this year. Unfortunately, my dear friend is now sidelined with an injury and I will very possibly be running on my own again this Fall. Running imitating life again… you are running your own race. My 10th running will be the motivation I need to get me to my second half.

This race and running, along with the running community which include my incredibly supportive husband & daughter have become my constant, my therapy in this crazy thing we call life. Thank you for providing such an amazing race and opportunity for women to come together to celebrate women. ?