Runner Stories

Stephanie Chesney

I started running as a stress reliever while studying for the bar exam following law school graduation. I continued running after the exam passed, and started to wonder how far I could go past my traditional 5K. Running has been my reminder of fitness and balance since that time, emphasized by the fact that I’m a Type 1 diabetic runner with an insulin pump. It has taken me a VERY long time to figure out how to handle longer runs and to maintain stable blood sugars, and I still have to look at each run with a fresh slate: how do I feel? What did I eat? How much insulin is on board? How long do I plan to go? Should I reduce my basal rates? What do I need to take with me? How far is my planned route from a store where I can grab a Gatorade if needed? I don’t have it figured out, but running keeps the gears moving and makes me thankful for increasingly sound technology to get me there!

I think running with a chronic disease is a real thing. I look to my friends who are also diabetic runners for advice on how to handle a situation that can be hard for the best trained (and healthy) athlete!

It is SO important to empower women, on and off the sporting realm. I love this race because it’s so very moving to see women of all shapes and sizes and running experience coming together to support one another and get it done.