Runner Stories

Kimberlee Murray

My friend Shanda Devine and I have run this race together for over 10 years. She lives in Foxboro and even though I don’t live in Boston anymore, I still travel every year for our annual girls weekend in the city.

It still gives me chills standing at the start line seeing all the runners. I still get excited to run the race. I LOVE running over the bridge and seeing the beautiful city… I associate the race with good friends, running (which I love), and a city that I miss. It’s the epitome of what strong women are! My absolute favorite part of the race is where it loops back and you can see the elite runners heading back under the tunnel and you can cheer them on! It gives me chills ever single time!

This year more than any other year, “Start strong, finish stronger” holds such a special meaning. In January I was diagnosed with breast cancer and in March I had a bilateral mastectomy. At the time I wasn’t sure I’d be able to run this year, let alone a 10K. I was constantly asking my doctors, “Can I run?” “When can I run again?” Running has helped me heal faster and helped me be more than just a cancer survivor.