Runner Stories

Eliza Krigman

My mother, Francine Vidockler, is one of the 41-year runners. She ran when she was pregnant with me. I grew up as a spectator and then started running in high school. I had my own daughter this past spring, and we are flying in from London so all three or us can run together. It may be the first time that a 41 year runner has three generations of females running (obviously the baby will be in the baby jogger).

My mother was the first female assistant district attorney for Middlesex County, and today she is a Mass state appointed attorney that helps low income residents with child custody and divorce issues. A real do-gooder, power woman, and Massachusetts person story.

This race is a symbol of my mother’s indomitable spirit and family. Can you imagine doing a race 41 years in a row? I can’t! What commitment, what dedication, so inspiring to me. When my mom was first running, it wasn’t so common for women, she was once asked by a police officer if she was in danger! She is a role model to me and this race, in particular, exhibits that to me.