Runner Stories

Christine Sooklal

I started participating in this race 11 years ago as a challenge to myself. I’ve run every year since then as a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the year, so essentially, I am always in training. I enjoy the thrill of trying to improve my time, but I appreciate the energy and excitement of all the women around me even more. It is truly an experience to run alongside a league of strong women.

I am planning to run the race with my 2-year-old daughter this year. Pushing a stroller will certainly present a new kind of challenge for me, but I know I will have a huge sense of accomplishment when I cross that finish line with her. I think she will enjoy the ride, the scenery and the snacks. She may not remember the experience but I certainly will as I used to think that one day I would be among the super stroller moms. Looking forward to it!