Runner Stories

Carol Chaoui

Hello! My name is Carol Chaoui and I am a 52 year old mother of 4 from Wellesley, MA. I started running at the age of 13. I was diagnosed with Stage III invasive breast cancer in 2009 and ran the race that year. Running made me feel strong despite the heavy duty treatments and my oncologist told me it would help me on so many different levels. I ran a race every other weekend during that year of treatment. On the 5th anniversary of my diagnosis, I was diagnosed with Stage III thyroid cancer. I found a thyroid cancer half marathon fundraiser in Acton, and ran it three weeks post-surgery, winning my age group. Running helps me get through the ultramarathon of treatments and more importantly it reassures my kids.

Last August, I was diagnosed with a metastatic recurrence of my breast cancer. My kids were scared as they know people die from Stage IV cancer and there is no cure. Within minutes of learning about my now “terminal” diagnosis, they all asked if that meant that I would not be running Boston in 2016. And a few months later, in January of 2016, my thyroid cancer also came back and spread. I am now living with 2 Stage IV diagnoses but am running almost everyday, hoping to inspire newly diagnosed runners. I run to raise awareness about living with Stage IV disease and to raise funds for metastatic breast cancer, one of the least funded areas of breast cancer.  As I can no longer run fast, I run for fun, to enjoy each moment and I channel my inner superhero to get me through my treatments. For this reason, I can often be seen dressed as Wonder Woman at races!

I look forward to running the race this year with my friends who keep me positive and focused on living with cancer instead of dying from…