Runner Stories

The Boston 10K for Women has developed into a tradition for generations of women, and each year thousands of them step up to the starting line to celebrate health, fitness and community.

Over the years, we have often been told that this is a race like no other. Not only does it inspire women of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their health and fitness goals, but also the camaraderie they feel from thousands of fellow runners empowers them to go for their personal best. Hear from some of our incredible runners who Started Strong and Finished Stronger, and submit your own story!

  • Beverly Azure

    I like plenty of sports (swimming, softball, squash, skiing, ice skating, etc.), but running was not something I did. Seven years ago I was living in Florida…

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  • Allison Beard

    I began running after high school as a way to cope with my anxiety and depression. I’ve been able to grow into a stronger person both inside and out.…

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  • Lisa Benson

    Several years ago I was dealing with chronic migraine and fibromyalgia. I had to take several naps to get through a normal day of activity…

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  • Suzanne Boisseau

    It was December 2006, I was recovering from depression which had begun three years prior after losing a dear friend quickly from a horrific disease…

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  • Lisa Burdick

    My youngest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and I took up running again with the goal of running the Boston Marathon to raise money for…

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  • Carol Chaoui

    I am a 52 year old mother of 4 from Wellesley, MA. I started running at the age of 13. I was diagnosed with Stage III invasive breast cancer in 2009…

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  • Katie Fiel

    I run to keep myself strong and healthy… in my bones, my body and my spirit! I am inspired daily by the cancer patients that I treat at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute…

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  • Michaela Flaherty

    Having a visual impairment it shows that everyone can do anything they want as long as they never give up. I want to stop the stigma that people who have…

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  • Susan Maciewicz

    I have been running this race since 1977. I missed it only once in 1988, the year my daughter was born. In 1984, I ran the race when I was 6 months pregnant…

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  • June Roy-Martin

    I run because I can… I love this race and have done it numerous times with my sisters – we are a tribe of 8. One year 6 of us participated…

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  • Kimberlee Murray

    This year more than any other year, “Start strong, finish stronger” holds such a special meaning. In January I was diagnosed with breast cancer…

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  • Paula Smith

    Why do I run?… Because… every time I lace up my running shoes I FEEL FREE. Free from incurable Burning Feet Syndrome (a.k.a. Erythromelalgia)…

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  • Christine Sooklal

    I am planning to run the race with my 2-year-old daughter this year. Pushing a stroller will certainly present a new kind of challenge for me…

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  • Kelly Tan

    I was inspired to challenge myself after learning that my late undergraduate advisor, an avid runner, was strolling hospital grounds post-chemotherapy…

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  • Maria (Mimi) Whelan

    The race is important to me, because it has become a family tradition. It started when, as a young mother, with my children and husband cheering me on…

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  • Stephanie Chesney

    I’m a Type 1 diabetic runner with an insulin pump. It has taken me a VERY long time to figure out how to handle longer runs and to maintain…

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Why do YOU run the Boston 10K for Women?

We rely on each and every one of you to share your inspiring stories that make the Boston 10K for Women so special! Do you run to stay healthy? For fun? To relieve stress? To challenge yourself? Or to honor someone special?

Share your story to inspire others! Let us know what this event means to you and you never know – your story could be chosen to motivate thousands of other women.

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