Original Runners

Paula Metivier

When I ran the Bonne Belle in 1977, I had no idea how to pace myself, let alone complete a 10K race, or mini marathon as the race was called back then. A friend asked if I wanted to run it with her so I did. At four miles, we had a flight of stairs to run up to get on to the Mass Ave Bridge. I remember a woman running in high heels and yes I did beat that woman phew… But not by much…

I guess I wanted to improve my time and get better so I have run every race since then. My times did improve for many years but now I look at the race in a totally different perspective. I just feel so fortunate to be healthy enough to be able to continue to run/jog this race. Many of the runners are decades younger than me now and run by me cheering for me. They shout out encouraging words and also many say that I am an inspiration to them …ME… This really makes me feel great.

I also love the camaraderie and friendships that I have made through this race. I look forward to this race every year and always have race weekend blocked off for the entire weekend celebration. After the race, a group of us who run the race meet for a celebratory dinner.