Original Runners

Joyce Barrett

In 2003 the streak almost ended for me.

While riding my bike, I was hit by a car and suffered a fractured femur. The accident was in July and I did not have enough time to recover for the October race. At that point, I was having trouble walking. My friends came to the rescue. They did not want me to miss the race, so they rigged up one of my grandson’s baby joggers and pushed me the whole way. They made a flag for me “Go Joyce – 27 Years!” and waved it as they took turns pushing and running. Along the way, the jogger started to fall apart and Paula had some duct tape with her. The repair was made successfully and we continued on. At the finish line tears were flowing with happiness and completeness.

When I first started running this race I would sleep in the car the night before the race because I worked nights as a nurse and it was very difficult to find parking on Beacon Hill – so I would just wake up in my car and RUN!