Joanne McCabe Morris: 43-Year Runner

In 1977 I saw my brother out running and said to myself ‘I can do that’ and just started running. I just ran to get out and be active. I then heard about the Bonne Bell Mini Marathon and it [...]

Francine Vidockler: 43-Year Runner

I decided to run the first Bonne Belle Mini Marathon, as it was known then, because I had just started running and I dearly appreciated the idea that it was for women. Women have long been [...]

Lyn Licciardello: 43-Year Runner

In November of 1976, I had my second child. My husband, Tom, had started distance running during my pregnancy, and ran the Maryland Marathon in December, qualifying for the Boston Marathon. He [...]

Janet Spriggs: 43-Year Runner

Reebok Boston 10K for Women was the first race for women only in New England. The year it began, a group of women from my running club decided to run in it. The main reason we did it was because [...]

Kathy Sastavickas: 43-Year Runner

I was a heavy smoker until the spring of 1977. I decided to quit smoking and thought that running might help me minimize any weight gain. I would run at night when it was dark because I was [...]

Shirley Jacobson: 43-Year Runner

I have always been an individual participant in the 43 year Bonne Belle, Tufts, and now Reebok Boston 10K for Women. I had just begun running with a few friends in my hometown of Wayland after [...]

Nancy Breen: 43-Year Runner

I had a bunch of kids by the time I was 25; I was continually running around with them, and the housework that went along with it. With all of that, I didn’t feel so hot. I figured I had to do [...]

Paula Metivier: 43-Year Runner

In 1977 I ran my first race ever and it was the Bonne Bell Mini Marathon. A friend of mine asked me to run it with her and, with hardly any training, we both finished. I remember having to run up [...]

Mary Tyler: 43-Year Runner

I was never a fast runner, but by 1977 I had run in several races, sometimes as the only woman, or with only one or two others. Women had finally been allowed to run the Boston Marathon, but many [...]