Janice Johnson-Plumer: Race Ambassador

New for the 2019 Boston 10K for Women, we are pleased to introduce you to a group of fun, strong, creative, and powerful women that you should know. They are our Official Race Ambassadors!

About me!

Running has always been a challenge for me, but when I hit the pavement, all the fear and anxiety is gone. I went from a novice runner who didn’t train for my first 5K to running half marathons with stride and ease. Running is my therapy and my escape to allow my mind to be creative and I can take on any problem or situation.

Where do you live?

Brockton, MA

What is your favorite distance for a race?

My favorite distance for a race is 13.1. I love running half marathons as it challenges me to beat my previous time and I can get more into a groove and good pace the entire race.

Do you have a special race-day ritual?

Getting my clothes laid out along with my bib and sneakers the night before. In the morning before the race I will have coffee and maybe a banana, read my affirmations to get my mind right and then I’m out the door.

What races are you running in 2019?

Falmouth Road Race—I was selected to be part of a team that is raising funds for a new cancer center in my town. It speaks to me because my mother passed away from colon cancer 6 years ago and she definitely fought to the end, so when I feel like I can’t go on in any situation, whether fitness or personal, I always think of her and keep going. I will also run the Newport Half in October and the Night Run in Boston at the beginning of August.

If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be?

The one person I would have dinner with is my mother who has passed. My mother could make me laugh and we always had great conversations. She knew I would call her every night around 10:00 pm and that was our thing.

Do you belong to a running group or track club?

I belong to Colonial Road Runners and Black Girls RUN! I have done races with Colonial Road Runners (I always run the Christopher’s 5K Run for Diabetes in May).

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