Sarah Grill: Race Ambassador

New for the 2019 Boston 10K for Women, we are pleased to introduce you to a group of fun, strong, creative, and powerful women that you should know. They are our Official Race Ambassadors!

About me!

My name is Sarah Grill and lacing up my shoes and running is my ultimate celebration of health and wellness. The city of Boston opened my eyes to the rich community of runners who soon became my close friends. I believe running gives us the strength to overcome hard times, the mental will to keep going, and the belief in ourselves to never stop fighting for what we want in life.

Where do you live?

Boston, MA (Beacon Hill)

What is your favorite distance for a race?

My favorite distance is 13.1 because its just long enough to challenge myself but the training is much more reasonable than a full marathon.

Do you have a special race-day ritual?

I love to lay out my clothes the night before a big race and get my bib all set up on my shirt. In addition, I always eat a meal with my family and friends the night before and recap on some training highlights.

What races are you running in 2019?

I recently ran the Boston Marathon in 2019, and I plan on running the Boston 10K for Women.

If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be?

Rosalind Franklin as she was the first person to photograph DNA.

Do you belong to a running group or track club?

I have run with both Boston Children’s Hospital Running Team and Mass Eye and Ear Running Team. I enjoy attending group runs and fitness classes in the Boston area.

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